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Rio Tinto Aluminium sells more than 820,000 tonnes of primary aluminium products per annum which are produced at its 4 smelters, 2 of which are located in Australia (Boyne Smelter and Bell Bay) plus one each in New Zealand (New Zealand Aluminium Smelters) and the UK (Anglesey Aluminium). Products include rolling slab, extrusion billet, foundry ingot/T Bar, high purity ingot , EC ingot/T Bar and standard ingot/T Bar.

Sales are conducted in major business centres around the world including Australia, Japan, Korea, South East Asia (including China), New Zealand, USA and Europe through a network of regional representative sales offices. 

Rio Tinto Aluminium has built and maintains an excellent reputation based on its commitment to customer service, delivery on time, technical support and the continuous supply of high quality products over many years.

Bauxite and Alumina

Each year, Rio Tinto Aluminium produces about 16 million tonnes of bauxite and up to 150,000 tonnes of calcined bauxite at its Weipa mine in Far North Queensland, Australia. Most of Weipa's bauxite is processed by the Queensland Alumina Limited refinery and the Rio Tinto Aluminium Yarwun refinery, both in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia . Rio Tinto Aluminium also supplies bauxite to international customers for production of alumina and other uses. Calcined bauxite is exported to customers in Europe and North America and is used in the manufacture of industrial abrasive.

Rio Tinto Aluminium is entitled to 38.6% of the alumina produced at the Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL) refinery in Gladstone, Queensland, which produces about 3.6 million tonnes of alumina.

Rio Tinto Aluminium's alumina refinery at Yarwun (100% equity) commenced production in 2005 and will has a capacity of 1.4 million tonnes.
Rio Tinto Aluminium's alumina entitlements are used to supply Rio Tinto Aluminium's smelters in Australia and New Zealand and a range of external international customers.

A $230 million mine expansion was recently completed in Weipa which has increased bauxite production by around 40 per cent, to approximately 16 million tonnes.

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